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880 LED TRIO-GOLD Series 3K 5K and 6K Headlights

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880 TRIO-GOLD Series 3K 5K and 6K Switchback LED conversion MICRO-FITMENT kit 2200-4000 LUX

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880 TRIO-GOLD Series 3K 5K and 6K Switchback LED conversion MICRO-FITMENT kit 2200-4000 LUX

These amazing new TRIO-GOLD series LED headlights are revolutionary to the marketplace and have the unique ability to switch from 3K to 5K to 6K in the click of a switch. Using your OEM switches and handle levers, you can trigger a switch of Kelvin colors desired for the best performance of sight. Imagine driving down a dark clear road at night and you use the 5K pure white for the best light output to see down the road or trail. Then you come to a low valley and it is extremely foggy and hard to see, you can power on/off and instantly you have 3K gold lighting to cut through the fog and give you optimal visibility.

Quick specs include:
-2,200-4,000 LUX (8,000 Lumens per set)
-Switchback Quick Pulse Technology
-3 Kelvin options on Single Beam and 2 Kelvin Options on Dual Beam
-Micro-fitment design for versatile installation
-1-year warranty
-3K Fog cutting technology

Other Features:

· Color temperature: 3000k, 5000k, 6000k
· Input: 9-32V
· IP67 CSP Chips
· Improved heat control with LED driver and built-in turbo high speed silent cooling fan.
· Usage average: over 30,000 hours
· Operating temperature; -40c to +80c
· Material: Mix of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum for better cooling and plastic.
· plug and play on most vehicles
· Instant start LEd technology
· Low Voltage Protection and High-Precision Constant Current Driver Chip
· Built-in IC Circuit (Current Regulator) prevents LED Damage from Voltage Variations & Spikes


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Race Sport Lighting is one of North America’s premier suppliers of lighting, catering to the professionals in the automotive, truck accessory, power sport, 12 volt, and marine markets. Established in 2007, Race Sport Lighting has become a trusted brand to customers all over the world, primarily in North America. Race sport offers a higher quality product than its competitors for a competitive price in the market, and back it up with an exceptional customer service experience. Providing a consistently high quality product and packing in full service value is the foundation for growth, and the reason Race Sport has become the brand the professionals use in lighting. In addition to quality products and superior service, Race Sport aims to be North America’s one-stop-shop, carrying a wide variety of products with over 3000 SKUs in over 40 lighting categories.

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Dimensions 8 × 8.25 × 2.5 in


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