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RGB 1-Input to 4-Output Power Splitter Control Box

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RGB 1-Input to 4-Output Power Splitter Control Box to Control ColorSMART L8 Series



RGB 1-Input to 4-Output Power Splitter Control Box to Control ColorSMART L8 Series

The L8 Series is part of our ColorSMART family of RGB Multicolor products-controlled view Bluetooth. The L8 Series is a family of products that with the versatility of with our 4 or 8 output controllers, can build an entire lighting system of RGB Dual Function products on any vehicle. Add Rock Lights, Cube Aux lights, and Light Bar sizes of your choice. The Rock Light kit uses 4 outputs, each individual cube uses 1 output each, and each light bar uses 1 output for each bar you add to the system. The light bars and cube auxiliary lights are dual function, so they provide high power white off-road lights for functional purposes, but then have another RGB accent feature set of diodes that can all be controlled and sync together the L8 products attached.

ColorSMART L8 Series 1-to-4 RGB Control Box for (4) Auxiliary L8 product outputs

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Weight 0.008 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3.5 × 2.5 in


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